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Gamani Full Sinhala Movie

About Gamani sinhala movie
Story based on a true incident. Terrorists massacre fifty seven people in a remote village. The ill trained, unorganized Home guards could not protect the Village. A brave army Major stationed in area awaiting retirement. A female voluntary teacher convinces the Major about his Extra/Additional responsibility and tells what use of his many gallantry medals if people next door sleep in jungle at night or farmers languish in hunger without being able to cultivate. The Major, through army, trains the Home guards, turn them into a formidable force who protect the village when terrorists launch next attack to wipe out village
CastDilhani Asokamala Ekanayaka | Jayakodige Don Danuka Bimal | Kumara Thirimadura | Asoka Jayakodi | Jagath Chamila | Mahendra Perera | Darshan Darmaraj | Sujani Jayakodi | Jagath Beneragama | Ranjith Rubasinghe | W. Jayasiri | Gihan Fernando | Laxman Mendis | Sanath Gunatilaka | Mutu Taranga | Anuruddika Padukkage | Divya Darshani | Damitha Abeyratne | Veena Jayakodi | Geetha Kanthi |Rathna Lalani


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